Effects Of Different Liquids On The Elasticity Of A Rubber Band

Topics: Water, Rubber band, England, Vinegar, Acid, Rubber / Pages: 3 (518 words) / Published: May 6th, 2015
Effects of different liquids on the elasticity of a rubber band

Luke lash and Charles baker

Question: If we submerge rubber bands in different liquid substances, will its elasticity of the rubber bands increase?
Hypothesis: If we use a more acidic substance like vinegar, then elasticity of the rubber band will increase.
Background: We are conducting this experiment because although it has been done before, the substances that have been used before are generally ordinary. Others have used hot water, cold water, and motor oil. We wanted to experiment with other substances that have not been tested to our knowledge. We hope to discover new material and information that has not been found out yet. This experiment was conducted previously and they discovered out that hot water and motor oil increase the elasticity of the rubber bands. They also found out that cold water makes the rubber bands more brail and fragile. We wanted to determine how other more acidic or basic liquids would react to rubber bands. We believe that this experiment is of high significance because we are testing items with a significant difference in their pH levels. For this experiment, we will test the elastic bands by carefully stretching them along a yard stick until they snap, then measure the results in centimeters. Because of Hooke’s law, we had to apply the same amount of force for each rubber band. We used the equation F=-kx which states that the same amount of force must be applied to each rubber band. So we used the maximum amount that a normal rubber band could support before adding liquid by testing a various amount of weights before we found the maximum amount. The weight was then used for all 5 categories.
Rubber band 1
Rubber band 2
Rubber band 3
39.37 cm
38.37 cm
39.37 cm
39.23 cm
41.55 cm
46.99 cm
41.91 cm
43.48 cm
Sparkling Ice soda
38.42 cm
39.69 cm
39.69 cm
39.27 cm
39.37 cm
40.64 cm
38.96 cm
39.65 cm
Red wine
44.77 cm

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