Effects of Diet Pills

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: November 27, 2008
Everyone has seen the ads, “lose ten pounds in ten days” or “miracle in a bottle.” What those ads forget to mention are the dangers associated with these “miracle” pills. Although many diet pills promise a quick fix to weight problems, the dangers linked to them are astonishing. The risks are higher than other drugs partly because the FDA does not regulate these supplements. have researched many these ‘miracle’ pills over the last two years due to my interest in medicine and health issues. The usage of unregulated diet pills is a problem in the United States; the risks involved with taking them should be understood and recognized. I will talk about the dangers of diet pills, followed by America’s obsession with weight and ‘quick’ fix diets and finally, what can be done to regulate and monitor the diet supplements.

The risks associated with diet pills. What many people fail to realize is the danger each pill possesses. Of the many dangers associated with taking diet pills, heart related complications seem to the top the list. Many diet pills use stimulants to boost metabolism. The stimulants then speed up heart rate, putting undue strain on one’s heart. In many cases, diet pills cause dehydration, hypertension, insomnia and even can cause death.

The obsession to be thin has plague America, the images of skinny models and actress bombards us on the cover of magazines, television and movies. America’s obsession with thinness is not something new. According to Laura Fraser, a free-lance journalist and author of Losing It: False Hopes and Fat Profits in the Diet Industry, Americans have been fascinated with thinness as early as 1900. The first cases of bulimia were noticed among women who were flappers in 1926 (Henry 2002). This obsession has continued until present day. “From the 1920s on, the trend was thinner, thinner, thinner” (Henry 2002) The trend to be thinner is a major problem among teenagers. Having a healthy body image is an important and...
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