Effects of Consumerism

Topics: Sound, Mobile phone, Electromagnetic radiation Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 9, 2011
By improving of technology, cell phones, which are great inventions for world, are also improving and changing. Previously,cell phones was being used for only speaking or messaging with people who are away from users. However, nowadays, cell phones have become more comprehensive. Cell phones now provide people to shop, to calculate, to connect the Internet, to watch TV, to listen music; in other words nearly everything. These features make cell phones indispensable. On the contrary, although they have these useful features, they have negative effects on people’s health. They have physical damages and psychological damages. Cell phones are working with signal emission which causes physical damages believed to have various effects on people’s health. To begin with, cell phones are emitting radiation, electromagnetic wave, which is threatening people’s health. Firstly, radiation causes to die of brain cells which are not renewable. The die of brain cells may cause amnesia and because of not being renewable it cause early aging. Moreover, if cell phones are used longer than ten years, then their radiation forms brain tumors. Secondly, radiation affects heart rhythm. Disorder of rhythm leads to send blood to cells irregularly. This situation brings about loss of heart. Along with radiation, cell phones also emit sound and light waves. These waves affect some organs such as ears and eyes. There is not any device except from cell phone which is so closed to ear so sound waves are in direct contact with the ears. They cause to die of neurons on ears and thus hearing decreases, even may cause deafness. Moreover, they cause a singing in the ears by emitting sound energy. By emitting light energy, light waves affect eyes with decreasing field of vision. In addition to their physical damages, cell phones have also psychological ones. Initially, the extensive using of cell phones makes people addicted like cigarette and alcohol. Firstly, addiction of cell phones causes...
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