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Effects of Computers on Society

By le_kea24 Sep 30, 2005 304 Words
Effects of computers on education

Computers are a big factor to education because it is helping teachers, students and parents communicate. Computers can be used if you are doing an assignment at home or if you are being tutored online. Computers can be used to access the internet and the internet can be used to chat about school, work or any other educational purposes. Chatting is a good way to learn because you can ask questions online on things you do not know. It has been proven that computer-assisted instruction-CAI- produces about 30 percent more learning in 40 percent less time and at 30 percent less cost than conventional classroom instruction.

In the 1970's schools started to get a taste of computerized education. The teachers had to go to school to learn the basic steps of using the computer. The computers would help students share information with each other and it also help make writing papers and essays a lot easier and faster. Teachers were now able to assign students to do research papers online. Researching online was a lot easier then going to the library and trying to find the topic you were researching. This enabled people to find information a lot easier and a lot quicker then going to the library. The use of computers will change the method of education from 'instructionalist' to 'constructivist'. When students share the information gained from the internet it allows them to think more creatively and more independently. Some people on the other hand say that computers do not help children improve in the classroom because all they will do is mess around on the computer. People also argue that a computer can not deliver information like a teacher and that computers are just a distraction to students just like video games.

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