Effects of Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, Black people, Slavery Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: March 17, 2005
When a war occurs, it takes years for the society or societies involved to return to a more normal, calm state. In the case of the American Civil War, many aspects of the country were disrupted after the war ended in 1865. Relations were strained, land had been destroyed, families torn apart, and much more. The economy struggled, and many Southerners did not want to accept a loss. The death count for the American Civil War was also an amazing number, and made a large dent into families, businesses, and towns across the nation.

When examining the physical damage to the land after the end of the war, it was obvious that much of the country had been brutally trampled and scarred by the battles and rampages of the war. As troops had moved across areas, they had burnt many fields and homes in proof of their defiance against their enemies. Also, many cities, towns, and businesses had been set fire as the troops had captured and traveled through them. Many of these fires took lives, and often made making a fresh start and rebuilding seem like an impossible venture. The land that had been destroyed by these fires also was very tattered and would take many years to rehabilitate.

The countless buildings, homes, businesses and structures that had been torn down and broken apart, were definitely very discouraging matters for the citizens after the war ended. Many families had lost their homes to traveling troops during battles, and others had had their homes shot and bombed during the fight. Many of these families had also lost family members in the war as well, so rebuilding would become a very difficult task. Money was a great issue, as well as finding another place to build. The emotional stress of losing a home or business took a gigantic toll on survivors of the war too. The destruction left behind by the war overwhelmed many people; Northerners, Southerners, and blacks alike.

Economically, the huge cost of the war; which covered weapons,...
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