Effects Of Cartoon On Children Behavior

Topics: Psychology, Cartoon, Fiction Pages: 3 (361 words) Published: July 9, 2015
Effects of Cartoon on children behavior


1. Please indicate your gender.Male Female

2. Please indicate your age.

a) 18-24b) 24-30
c) 30-36d) 36-42
e) 42 and above

3. Please indicate your current martial status.

a) Singleb) Married
C) Divorcedd) Single Parent

4.    To what extent does children preferred watching cartoon film to other programmes?

a) Highly prefferedb) Less Preffered
C) Moderately Preferredd) Of little Importance

5. Are they allowed to watch violent or dubed cartoons?

a) Yesb) No
c) Very often

6. How much time your children spend on watching cartoons?

a) 1-2 hoursb) 2-3 hours
C) 3-4 hoursd) More than 4 hours

7. Do you think cartoon characters put some psychological effects on children?

a) Yesb) No
C) Some timed) Very little

8. Do children intend to intimate their language (dubed cartoons) ?

a) Yesb) No
C) Sometimed) Very Little

9. Have you observe any behavior change like fighting after watching cartoons?

a) Yesb) No
C) Sometimed) Very little

10. Do children buy material related to their favourite cartoons?

a) Yesb) No
C) Sometimed) Very Little

Please indicate the importance of the following criteria in your opinion for the effect of cartons on children behaviour.

Strongly Agree Neutral Strongly Disagree
Agree Disagree

11. Cartoons affect children OOOO O Educationally?

12. Cartoon programmes OOOO O
Televise violence cartoons?

13. Cartoons as a very best OOOO O
Entertainment for children?

14. Cartoons contain negative OOOO O

15. Cartoons contain educational OOOO O

16. Cartoons responsible for OOOO O
Motivating children jump from
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