Effects of Bullying

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Effects of Bullying to
Academic Performance of College Students

A research on the effects of bullying to BSBA College Students.

Bullying is the use of force to abuse or intimidate others. It is also a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying is happening everywhere and the chances that you, that all of us have bullied, been bullied or at least encountered bullying are high. Around the world, statistics are being collated on the impact and prevalence of bullying, particularly within schools and online in cyber space. School bullying is a widespread issue that affects youths seriously in three essential parts of their lives - educationally, psychologically and professionally. Bullying is sort of aggressive behavior against others such as, verbal by calling nasty names, physical by kicking, pushing or tripping up and social by everyone stopped talking to you. Despite some children bully others without aware to the results of their actions but bullying reflects adversely on the victims' lives and leads to be victimization to several disorders like anxiety, depression, loneliness and lose their opportunity to have an ordinary life. However, bullied children are more likely to expose themselves to suicide. On the contrary, perpetrators have less impact on their lives. In our opinion, bullying at school has significant effects in whole children lives. The following essay will discuss the negative effects of school bullying and its consequences. 

Academic achievement is the first aspects which influence by bullying at school. Therefore, bullied children live within fear, self blame, feel weak and its affect their personality traits and self confidence so this situation makes them unable to study well and they might hate going to school and tend to the truancy. Furthermore, they will lose their opportunities to participate with others or enjoy school activities. Hence, they will gain less academic performance and low educational attainment. (Oliver & Candappa .2003). There is a strong association between academic achievement and being bullied (woods & wolke ,2004). Additionally, there is a relationship between bullying and school quality such as class-size the number of student in the classroom, lack of library, sports facilities and if the teacher considers as a mother or father when she or he treat with children during their educational progress. Dearden et al. (2002). 

Literature Review
According to Olweus’ work, bullying is occurring when a student is exposed to negative actions repeatedly and over time by one or more students (Ross, 2002, p.106). This definition is accepted widely but leaves some researchers for more clarification. If the same person repeats similar negative actions, one time to multiple people; is it bullying? If one person receives a negative action one time, from someone who has done this to other students; have they been bullied? The problem with this definition is that this can become a very blurred line of intent versus perception and the power differential that was experienced by both parties in this one-time event. For schools that are implementing zero tolerance policies for bullying, when do the teachers and administrators act on these behaviors? As Ross points out (2002, p, 106), “the problem with the repeated occurrence requirement is that the waiting period heightens the negative effects on the victim, allows the bully to feel rewarded, increases fear in onlookers, and makes intervention a more lengthy process”. Therefore, more diligence in acknowledging negative behaviors and language in the hallways and classrooms is needed by staff and students. Perhaps by pointing out a one-time behavior, it will prevent it from becoming a bullying behavior.

Harris & Hathorn (2006, p.54-55) explain the gender difference further starting that boys both bullied and got bullied...

Bibliography: http://www.apa.org/topics/bullying/index.aspx
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