Effects of Agriculture

Topics: Poverty, Epidemic, Economic inequality Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Olajide Shokeye September 18, 2012
T. Barrales A.P World History
Effects of Agriculture
The evolution of man through agriculture was expressed thoroughly by Jared Diamond in his article. The transition from a Neolithic way of living to a Paleolithic way of life had many negative effects. Having people settling down to build organized cities and companies meant there would be social inequalities. Women were usually the first targets to social inequality. Having people stay in one area and having them live together in villages created the uprising of epidemic diseases that created a widespread of death in communities. During this time growing their own food did not ensure that they would eat. Farmers that had failing crops would lead to starvation for their families. The change from nomads to farmers and agriculturists was not filled with full prosperity.

Social inequalities created the basis for the organization of social classes and positions in every society. Women were the first group to experience social inequality. Women being weaker than men were always subject to doing less rigorous but more labor. While a man would be hunting for game, a woman’s responsibility would be to gather small vegetables and fruit if the man returns with no meat. A woman was expected to clean, nurture the small children, prepare a meal and in most cases hold a baby in her womb. Paleolithic lifestyle from the eyes of a woman suggests that a woman was not entirely pleased with the life she lived. A woman was forced into marriage with unknown knowledge of the man before. A woman craved loved but sometimes didn’t feel it in the relationships she was in. Woman were also forced to stay at home which limited the knowledge a woman can have given that she can’t even go outside. Social Inequality limits the progress of a society and women were a...
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