Effects of Academic Performance of Students

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The controversy over whether technology actually improves student learning is one that stirs debate and motivates research. The articles reported in the economics literature have been limited both in quantity and scope with methods and results varying across studies. The literature has focused primarily on the use of technology in general on student learning; few studies have examined the direct link between educational outcomes such Internet use.

For obvious reasons, it should be noted that the impact of Internet access on on-campus instruction is the influence of Internet on Academic Performance of students differs depending on population. Some studies reported no significance effect, however, other studies affirmed effect of Internet access of students with a post test results according to Ehrman (1995).

In contributing to the academic performance of students, Wagner (1998) saw internet as a forum that promote group discussion which is time and distance independent. The world wide web service provided by the internet with over 5 million web sites allow students from all disciplines to source for relevant information. Busari (2001) sees the internet as a medium through which lecturers and students can meet without seeing each other learn through teleconferencing whereby the use of small video camera and microphone members of the group can actually see and hear each other.

Sanni et al (2009) in a recent study observed that there is a gender difference in internet use and thus adequate attention should be paid to ensuring equal access between male and female students.

In a report by Carvin (2005), the research conducted appears to corroborate parents' perceptions that home computer use is related to better academic performance. For example, early home computer use studies found that high school students who used educational software at home scored significantly higher than other students on computer literacy tests. Home...
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