Effects media has on teenagers

Topics: Sociology, Adolescence, Aggression Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: January 7, 2014
The Effects the Media has on Teenagers
James Morrison, an entertainer, states that “whoever controls the media, controls the brain.” Within this quote, Morrison implies that the media has an effect on the human brain and can affect it tremendously. The media has effects on teenagers, both positive and negative.

The media is a vast forum of communication that permeates nearly every aspect of culture (Mokeyane). It consists of a broad spectrum of communication such as: television, films, web sites, the radio, commercials, and newspapers. These varieties of communication offers the youth entertainment, news, culture, and education, “They are [the media] an important part of our lives and have much to teach” (Understanding the Impact). Teenagers excess amount of access to the media has grown incredibly. Over the past five years, there has been a myriad increase in media use. An average of teenagers use the media from nearly six and a half hours to over seven and a half hours (Perle).

This mass medium introduces an array of diversity in different forms (Mokeyane). Contributing to teenagers knowledge, the media helps influence cultural learning, social interaction, and awareness of many topics. News outlets such as CNN, FOX News, and Al-Tazeena English provide teenagers with an opportunity to develop a political stance. Exposure to these media sources or any type of news informing events revolving around the world, also allow teenagers to participate in charitable acts or consider other ways to engage in benevolent deeds (Mokeyane). In today’s society, social networks are teenagers most accessible form of interaction. A social network is any site that allows a person to interact socially. Such sites offers today’s youth entertainment and communication. These networks-Facebook, Twitter, Myspace- delivers teenagers a gateway to connect with friends, family, and strangers to exchange ideas and to make new companions (O’Keefe and Clark-Pearson). Many benefits are...
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