Effects and Solution of Air Polution

Topics: Medicine, Health, Physician Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Topic: Some people believe that Western medicine has a lot of offer. Others argue that it does more harm than good. Discuss both points of view. Many surveys and researches indicate that modern medicine has many benefits. In contrast, others argue that it causes more harm for human healthy life. This essay examines both positive and negative effects of Western medicine. There are some logical reasons proving that modern medicine provides more advantages for humans. Their treatment is based on high technological science, and then they do experiments on animals before applying on human bodies. Many researches are required to complete prior to officially making drug production. Doctors and nurses who have high qualifications also need to be trained in the hospitals to gain more real experiences about how to use these medicines efficiently. Therefore, they understand clearly the appropriate dose for patients depending on their different bodies. On the other hand, the defenders of second opinion also find a firm ground for their thought. Contemporary medicine can lead to harmful side effects. To begin with, it just tries to extirpate the diseases, does not concern about human health. As they treat the diseases so fast, it does not give body a chance to heal itself. This is contrary to the rules of Nature and could cause worse results. Furthermore, the patients might suffer over-services, over-prescription of drugs and excessive operation if they do not go the see doctors and consume them by themselves. Hence, instead of helping those people to get well sooner, they get worse or even pass away after that. In conclusion, it is clear that Modern medicine has some disadvantages points, however, is has more advantages points. Western medicine, which has helped cure many people, aims to prevent sickness. In the future, it are able to improve in treatment for patients and save their life.
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