Effects and Developments of the Forced Migration of Africans

Topics: Slavery, Africa, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 4 (1536 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Effects and Developments of the Forced Migration of Africans Europe and the New World:
Though the effect on Africa due to the slave trade was very negative, in the Americas it was the exact opposite. As population decreased in Africa, it increased in the Americas. Even today, approximately one tenth of our population can trace its roots back to an imported slave. The demographic effects of the slave trade varied on the area. In the British West Indies, for example, the proportion of people descendent from slaves in eve greater, since more slaves were needed in this area. Slaves went wherever they were needed, so the distribution of slaves throughout the New World is directly related to slavery.  Even after slavery was abolished, most slaves were left without the necessary resources to sustain on their own, and were therefore unable to move to improve their conditions, some even wound up working for their previous masters, often under the same conditions that they endured as slaves. The slave trade also resulted in a variety of racial mixing. A growth of individuals who were not purely African, Europeans or Native American increased. 

Economically, the slave trade was very profitable to the New World and Europe. Slavery in the Americas can be linked to many things that helped shape Europe today, such as industrialism, Capitalism, the scientific revolution, major migrations, a population boom, and changing social roles.  One example being that the British textile exports to Africa, in order to pay for slaves, was a factor which led to the British industrialization. Europe prospered greatly through the slave trade, gaining new crops, such as sugar at no expenses other than having to initially pay for the slave. Europe was able to prosper through new crops and resources they imported from America. As Europe was economically thriving, the exact opposite was happening to Africa. 

Not only did the slave trade impact Europe and the New World demographically and...
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