Effectiveness of a Social Norms Marketing Campaign on a University Campus - Critical Evaluation

Topics: Scientific method, Sampling, Sociology Pages: 5 (1491 words) Published: September 14, 2011
Effectiveness of A Social Norms Marketing Campaign on A University Campus Critical Evaluation

* Yes, the title is informative, interesting and to the point. The main objective of this case study was to assess the effectiveness of a social norms marketing poster campaign in order to increase the prevention of alcohol related automobile accidents by stopping friends from driving while intoxicated. Moreover, the authors of the research paper have selected college students as their sample and the poster campaign was launched in a selected university. Hence when the title is considered it is phrased as “Effectiveness of a Social Norms Marketing Campaign on a University Campus” which entails both the earlier suggested ideas. Authors

* Yes, they have sufficient knowledge and background to carry out quality research but it is questionable whether they are capable enough to assess a marketing theory. Both the authors are specialized in the area of health and medicine and therefore it is not doubtable in their capabilities of researching on alcohol prevention but as social norms marketing is a different area of study it is questionable that whether they capable of handling it with a similar proficiency. Abstract

* Yes, the abstract summarizes the main points of the study accurately and adequately. The abstract starts off with the objective of the survey and then give the place and the time it was carried out, followed by the actual responses received on the poster. Finally the outcomes of the findings are discussed. Therefore it is understandable that the abstract has presented the main points of the study accurately and adequately. Introduction

* Yes, the problem/area of interest/research question is clear. The introduction gives details about the alcohol related motor vehicle accidents and percentages of them and who are the victims of these incidents. It points out that although such occurrences have gone down over the years an increase is seen in the accidents in certain age groups (16-17 and 18-20). Also it is stated that college students are the most vulnerable in getting exposed to these kinds of accidents. Hence, these details altogether describes the problem identified by the authors which is clear and understandable. Also the area of research and interest of the authors were accessing the effectiveness of the social norm marketing campaign and this is also very clearly stated in the research paper in several different places (In the title and in the introduction). * Yes, the authors appear to know the subject and they do appraise a range of relevant research. They don’t provide any conflicting information but provides supporting evidence and theories. The authors have considered a more general theory “Accidents caused by drinking and driving” and had provided evidence to it. Then they have come down a level lower and identified and presented the facts of victims of those accidents and the styles of drinking. By doing this the authors’ show that they are trying appraise a certain specific matter with lot of supporting facts. By presenting the other strategies to reduce the accidents they yet again show that they have considered several areas when performing their study. Aims/ objectives

* No, they do not follow a logical sequence. But the objectives are clear. The research paper gives the survey objectives in several places which distort the logical sequence of it. At the end of the 3rd paragraph the objectives are stated as “The study examines the effectiveness of a social norms marketing campaign.” And also the 6th paragraph is dedicated to describe the aims of the study. Therefore, it is unnecessary to duplicate the same objectives over and over again, which harms the logical sequence of the research paper. It is notable that as the 6th paragraph gives a very clear picture of the objectives, the logical sequencing problem goes unnoticed. Method

* Design
Yes, the...

References: * The list is more impressive because of its quality not the length.
The authors have used very reliable sources to gather information and hence it can be seen as a quality research. They have mostly used journal articles, research papers and reviews during the research which yet enhances the quality of the work. Only one web site was used and it is understandable that it was also a very reliable as it is the web site of the National Social Norms Resource Center. Thereby, the reference list is more impressive because of its quality.
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