Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal

Topics: Motivation, The Criterion, Consciousness Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: July 19, 2009
The case study threw up interesting insights on the various facets of performance appraisal and the consequences of it The positive results of the survey indicated that majority of employees were aware of the appraisal taking place in the organisation, andthey were motivated by the prospect of appraisal. It is also a good sign that a significant percentage of employees were satisfied the performance appraisal meted out to them. This was further confirmed when the question was framed differently and they were asked if they had complaints about the previous appraisals. The negative aspects which were highlighted because of the survey included awareness of the appraisal criteria, feedback given to employees and the number of people who thought their complaints were not heeded. 46% employees were not aware of key result areas on which they were to be judged. More than surprising it is shocking to know that managers including hr personnel did not make adequate efforts throughout the year to let the employees become responsible for their career growth. Another area of concern is the belief of employees that their appraisals are not kept confidential. Aggravating the situation further is the perception of employees that their appraisal is not commensurate with the rewards given to them. Rewards were given distributed equally in the form of increments and promotions.

Employees also felt that indiscipline was rampant within the organisation. Offenders were not penalized and easily let go. The Based on the appraisal employees were given training depend on their lack of technical and soft skills. There were skills apart from the afore-mentioned two, in which training was given. The survey brought to the fore drastic improvements required in the appraisal system required in the organisation. Many weaknesses were exposed. Steps will have to be taken at the highest level to completely overhaul the way appraisals are conducted. First of all...
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