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Effectiveness of mechanical tongue cleaning on oral levels of volatile sulfur compounds RAINER SEEMANN, ANDI KISON, MOZHGAN BIZHANG and STEFAN ZIMMER J Am Dent Assoc 2001;132;1263-1267

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Background. Mechanical tongue cleaning may be an effective method for decreasing oral A D A J levels of volatile sulfur ✷ ✷  compounds, or VSC, and oral malodor. The authors conducted a N C U study to compare the A ING EDU 2 RT effectiveness of a specially ICLE designed tongue cleaner (One Drop Only Tongue Cleaner, One Drop Only, Berlin), a tongue scraper and a toothbrush in reducing oral VSC levels. Methods. In this balanced, crossover study, 30 subjects had four morning appointments each with a waiting period of one week between appointments. At each appointment, a dental professional performed a single standardized tongue cleaning procedure using one of the cleaning tools. The authors monitored the subjects’ oral VSC values using a portable sulfide monitor until their baseline VSC values were reached. Results. The baseline values showed no significant difference between the three groups. The tongue cleaner and the tongue scraper (42 percent and 40 percent, respectively) reduced oral VSC levels more than the toothbrush (33 percent) did. Reduced VSC values could be detected significantly longer after using the tongue cleaner than after using the tongue scraper or the toothbrush. The authors, however, could not detect a significant VSC reduction for more than 30 minutes in any of the subjects. Conclusions and Clinical Implications. The tongue cleaner, a combination brush and scraper, was slightly more effective in reducing oral VSC levels than were the tongue scraper and a regular toothbrush. Because of the limited duration of the effect, however, the clinical efficacy on the reduction of oral malodor remains questionable. A


Effectiveness of mechanical tongue cleaning on oral levels of volatile sulfur compounds RAINER SEEMANN, D.M.D., Ph.D.; ANDI KISON; MOZHGAN BIZHANG, D.M.D., Ph.D.; STEFAN ZIMMER, D.M.D., Ph.D.





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olatile sulfur compounds, or VSC, are important components of oral malodor.1,2 They are produced mainly at the dorsum of the tongue and are the result of bacterial putrefaction.3-5 Consequently, mechanically cleaning the tongue is suggested as an effective method for decreasing VSC and oral malodor, but it is supported by only limited scientific evidence.6,7 A variety of tongue cleaners with different Mechanically designs are available and are said to be cleaning the more effective than a regular tooth6 tongue is brush. According to Bosy and colleagues,8 VSC levels registered by a suggested as portable sulfide monitor correlate an effective with organoleptic ratings—those method for involving use of the sense organs—of decreasing oral malodor. We conducted this study to compare volatile sulfur the effectiveness of a specially designed compounds and tongue cleaner, a tongue scraper and a oral malodor. regular toothbrush in reducing oral VSC levels.



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