Effectiveness of Mao's Rule

Topics: Economics, Education, Communism Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Compare the effectiveness of Mao’s rule in China and MacArthur’s rule in Japan. Whose policies are more effective and why? MacArthur’s rule is more effective. “effective” is defined as causing more positive effects in a long run. MacArthur’s policies caused more positive effects on the economy and education and culture in a long run compared to Mao’s policies. Both Mao and MacArthur made policies to benefit the economy. In China, Mao had land reforms and backyard furnaces to improve the economy. All private land was confiscated and nationalized and communes were set up for people to work together and all profits were shared. There was no motivation to work hard as everyone had the same amount of pay regardless of how hard they worked. Thus, the productivity was low and the profits were also low. Mao also allowed for backyard furnaces, where peasants ran their own steel furnaces. There were 90 million peasants involved in the production of steel. However, there was no economic output as the steel made was of horrible quality and was useless. With the backyard furnaces, many able-bodied workers went around gathering steel for the furnaces and meanwhile, the farms they worked in were left unattended. The crops were left to rot and were wasted. The people focused too much on the furnaces and ignored agriculture. Therefore, the policies eventually led to poor economic effects in a long run as the agricultural production dropped and the steel made did not contribute to the economy. In Japan, MacArthur also made policies with included land reforms and setting up trade unions to improve the economy. The land reform confiscated land from landlords and sold them at affordable prices to farmers. The farmers were then able to farm freely and no longer pay landlords for land. Therefore they generated more profits and worked harder as they are motivated to work when they get to keep all the money they made. With more productivity, the output increases and the economy...
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