Effectiveness of Management Information System. a Case Study of Holiday Inn Beitbridge

Topics: Hotel, Information systems, Operating system Pages: 4 (948 words) Published: April 17, 2011

This chapter seeks to provide the basis of the research project. It will entail what the researcher intends to research on. The current capabilities of the Management Information System in place and how it is suppose to perform to improve on its effectiveness in the day to day running of the hotel.

1.1Background of the study
Since Express by Holiday Inn was opened in November 1998 the hotel has always used CLS for its operations. Employees who use the system resign and go and as such knowledge of the system has been grossly reduced to an extent where the system is just used for the basics for checking in and out, posting cash and doing night auditing. There are a lot of capabilities of the system that are not being utilized. The paper will focus on the Computerized Logging System that is being used by Holiday Inn Express Beitbridge for its day to day running of the hotel. The document will explore and discuss the effectiveness of Computerized Logging System. CLS is primarily used for inventory management at the hotel. It offers the company an integrated solution for several processes including managing sales, bookings, customer relationship management and service, other marketing practices and control by means of passwords. At the moment the five cashiers and supervisor possess the basic knowledge of the system. They are not utilizing all the opportunities. Other hotels use Fidelio which operates more or less the same as CLS though it has been said to more user friendly. The latest system that is being used by other hotel which is linked to the internet booking system is Opera and Brilliant. Computerized logging system is used on a daily basis by management on junior staff; they all rely on the information in the system for smooth flow of operations. Since there are loyalty programs that are run by the organization which largely depend on the correct information such as number of nights becomes difficult...
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