Effectiveness of internal auditor in controlling fraud and other financial irregularities

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Effectiveness of Internal Auditor in Controlling Fraud and Other Financial Irregularities in Private Universities in South-West, Nigeria.
ADETOSO, Jonathan Adegoke1 OLADEJO, Kayode Samson2 AKESINRO, Abayomi Sunday3 Department of Accounting, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, P.M.B 5006 Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, Nigeria. Email of the corresponding Author: gokeadetoso@yahoo.com,Kay_oladejo83@yahoo.com sunkesh75@yahoo.com

The study examined the effectiveness of internal auditor in controlling fraud and other financial irregularities in private universities in Southwest, Nigeria. It has is specific objective as to evaluate the relevance of internal audit report in exposing various form of financial related institutional fraud. The population of the study consist of all private universities in Southwest, Nigeria and purposive sampling was adopted to choose the sampled universities. The data for the study was collected through the use of structured questionnaire. Regression analysis techniques was adopted to test the formulated hypotheses and results shows that internal auditors were effective in controlling fraud and other financial irregularities in private universities in Southwest, Nigeria. Since fcalculated value of 85.355 was greater than the f-tabulated value of 5.320, it also shows that auditor reports were relevant in exposing various means of financial related frauds since F-calculated of 18.794 was 66greater than Ftabulated of 5.990 The study conclude that internal auditor is effective in exposing frauds in private universities in Nigeria if the structural compositions of the university allow them to do their work. The study recommended internal control involve the check and balances, both operational and financial, should be employed by the management of every university, to ensure that the university’s assets are safeguarded, of which cash is one. Keywords: Internal Audit, Fraud, Financial Statement, Financial irregularities, Internal control system, Auditor’s report

Background to the Study
Fraud is the intentional distortion of financial statements or other records by a person (internal or external) to the organisation which is carried out to conceal the misappropriation of assets or otherwise for gain"(Adeniji 2004 and Institute of chartered Accountant Nigeria-ICAN 2006).It can also be define fraud as involving “the use of deception to obtain an unjust or illegal financial advantage; intentional misstatement in, or omissions of amounts or disclosure from an entity’s accounting records or financial statements; or theft whether or not accompanied by misstatements in accounting record or financial statement (Mani,1993). Archibong (1992) describes Fraud as a predetermined and well planned tricky process or device usually undertaken by a person or group of persons, with the sole aim of checking another person or university, to gain ill-gotten advantages, be it monetary or otherwise, which would not have accrued in the absence of such deceitful procedure. Fraud involves recording of transactions without substances, suppression or omission of the effect of transaction from records or document, Intentional misapplication of accounting policies and wilful misrepresentation of transaction of the entity’s state of affairs. (Olatunji2009). According to Pollick 2006, fraud can be regarded as a “deliberate misrepresentation, which causes one to suffer damages, usually monetary losses. However, auditors have a significant role to play in the detection and prevention of fraud because they are not only agents of shareholders but their access to internal and external information makes them efficient monitor (Dyck, Morse and Zingales , 2008). The existence and in fact, the high incidence of fraud in university brings to mind the question of competence, skills, due care, honesty, and integrity...

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