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Ways to write dynamic messages

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• Features of Business Writing:
– Should be terse, clear and to the point – Language has to be effective – Rules are the same everywhere – Each country has own set of norms about written or spoken communication – North American business desires written form

Rules of Effective Writing
• Basic Rules
1. Getting to the point
a. b. c. d. Being Concise Paragraphing Use of Lists Framing Effective Questions

2. Use of Non–Discriminatory Language 3. Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling 4. Tone a. Choosing the Right Tone b. Conversational Tone

Getting to the Point
• Being Concise
– Use of short sentences – Start document with purpose – Creation of ‘single screen view’ messages – Elimination of unnecessary words • E.g.. “Avoid bad miscommunication in email writing.” (the word ‘bad’ is a modifier which is used unnecessarily)

– Use lesser number of words

Getting to the Point
• Paragraphing:
– Short Sentences – Short Paragraphs (2 to 5 sentences)
• Creates “white space” • Quicker to read • Engages the reader

– Opening Paragraph
• Five “Ws” - “Who?”, “What?”, “When?”,
“Where?”, & “Why?”

Use of Lists
• Benefits of using lists:
– Writer organizes thoughts – Reader sees main points – Important points are not overlooked

• Formatting a list:
– Use numbers or bullets – Items should be parallel – Capitalize the first word of each point – Be consistent with punctuation

Use of Lists
• Spacing of a list:
– Double spacing makes reading easier – Double spacing takes more valuable screen space – Single spacing does not enhance the list – Single spacing takes less room

Use of non-discriminatory language
• Nondiscriminatory language is language that treats all people equally. • Use language that is free of religious, age and sexual bias • Nondiscriminatory language can come between you and your reader.

Methods to Avoid...
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