Effective ways to improve communication between teenagers and their parents.

Topics: Young adult, Want, Future Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: September 14, 2003
Teenagers and their parents need to increase their communication in order to have a strong relationship. It is very important that they cooperate so that they can reach a common goal. Some tips to improve communication for parents are being there for their teenager children, learning to talk while in motion, risk making a change, being honest, sharing their hopes and dreams, and creating a comfortable environment by listening. Some methods for teenagers are opening up and sharing about their thoughts and feelings with their parents. There are several ways to improve the communication between teenagers and parents.

Parents need to find quality time out of their busy schedule to talk with their children. Parents should take advantage of everyday opportunities or plan a simple activity for just themselves and their children, such as watching television. Talking to teenagers is basically the same thing as talking to adults. Most teenagers are overstressed, overworked, preoccupied and, in many cases, just simply distant from their parents. They need lively adults who are present and awake. In this way, parents could spend time with their children, engaging in activities that suit their age and interests.

Teenagers always seem to be on the move. Teenagers are action machines because they do not like sitting still. They have the added distraction of being inside bodies pulsing with energy and strength. If parents really want to connect with a teenager, they need to get active with them, such as challenging them to a basketball game.

Teenagers know their parents as well as their values, rules and weaknesses. They also know just what to say and how to maneuver around their parents. The problem is that they do not really expect their parents to ever change the way they think or act. Teenagers thrive on surprise and love to think odd thoughts. Parents should try to be a little surprising and do something completely unexpected and unpredictable. Young adults...
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