Effective Team Work

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6 benefits of team work
We all have experienced times when we were part of a great team and there are other times when we struggle along in isolation.  In my experience there are 6 main benefits of team working: 1. More creativity leading to more ideas and better results 2. Increased employee satisfaction

3. The opportunity to develop and acquire new skills
4. The speed at which things can be achieved
5. A sounding board for testing out ideas and thoughts
6. A support network that you can draw on
Characteristics of a Good Team
High Level of independence among team members
Leaders has good people skill and is committed to team approach Each member is willingness to contribute
Member develop a mutual trust
Group is clear about the goals and established targets
The group has the capacity to create new ideas
Group and it members are prepared to take risk
Member roles are defined

Team Disadvantage
Workers must be selected to fit the team as well as the requisite job skills Some individual are not compatible with team work
Some members may experience less motivating jobs as part of a team Conflict may develop between team member and other teams
Team may be time consuming due to need for coordination and consensus Evaluation and rewards may be perceived as less powerful
Less flexibility may be experienced in personal replacement or transfer Characteristics of Ineffective Teams

1. There is low unity of purpose.
Little or no evidence that the group is widely committed to common objectives or that the objectives are meaningful to each member of the group.

2. The group tends to avoid discussion of its own maintenance. The group has taken little time to explicitly discuss group process -- how the group will function to achieve its objectives. The group does not have a clear, mutually agreed-upon approach: mechanics, norms, expectations, rules, etc. There is often much discussion after a meeting of what was wrong and why, but...
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