Effective Oral Communications

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Rhetoric Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: June 19, 2009
In today's business world one of the most important skills that need to be mastered is that of effective oral communication. Effective oral communication is about the speaker's selection of content, their presentation skills and their overall connection with the audience.

For oral communication to be successful it has to have great content. This content must encompass an overview of the topic, clarity of an argument, credible sources and a conclusion. Topics of speeches should be clear and easily understood by the audience. An orator begins by stating the topic of the speech and give supporting points or overview that supports the theme of the talk. This overview should directly tieinto the subject of the speech. An overview will provide the audience with points of reference to segment the speech into understandable portions. An overview also provides the speaker a roadmap to follow during the speech to stay on subject and maintain attention of the audience. An overview should be spaced to the time allotted for the speech and not be too lengthy causing the audience or speaker to drop into theweeds of detail.

Clarity of an argument should begin with the speaker'spoint of view. Supporting facts and points are the basis of why the speaker believes inhis argument. A Baptist preacher would not be as effective in his message of salvation if he didn't include the reasons to become saved and the process or pathway for that salvation. Or a board member fighting for budget dollars for an initiative for his division. He will need to present an effective argument, site facts and the benefits to the company to be rewarded the funds for the project.

Sourcing facts is critical in oral communication. Today with the abundance of internet plagiarism and the possibility of fabricated facts, a speaker'scredibility is often supported and enhanced by their ability to provide sources for their points. Using recognizable reference(s) is also important during...
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