Effective Mentoring Program

Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Jared O’Quinn
Journal Article
EDU 600 Issues in School Superintendency
Dr. Jim Bogle
April 2011

In the article, 6 Steps to an Effective Mentoring Program, the authors focus on what superintendents and administrators can do to create an effective mentoring program. This article directly relates to ISLLC Standard Two. An effective mentoring program helps new teachers become more confident and develop their instructional capacity. A district’s mentoring program also monitors the impact of the instructional program. Veteran teacher are able to share their expertise with mentees and strengthen the instructional program of the school.

First year teachers, can become very overwhelmed for many reasons. They often have too much to learn in a very short time. They many fell isolated from fellow educators, spending most of their day as the only adult in the classroom. They are also working hard to develop effective instructional practices and classroom management techniques. At the end of the year, first year teachers may feel frustrated, stressed, and unhappy with their jobs (Alexander & Alexander, 2010). Developing an effective mentor program should be a high priority for superintendents because 20 percent of first year teachers leave the profession and more than 30 percent leave within the first five years (Alexander & Alexander, 2010). An effective mentor program can build confidence in new teachers and help districts retain teachers for longer. When districts lose teachers it costs them time and money to identify, evaluate, hire, and acclimate new teachers to district protocol and policy (Alexander & Alexander, 2010). Mentoring programs can range anywhere from highly structured assistance and support activities to informal “buddy” systems. Effective programs should include comprehensive and sustained professional development along with training and support.

Superintendents should be aware of what it takes to develop a successful mentor program. The article...

References: Alexander, J & Alexander, M. (January 2010). Six Steps to an Effective Mentoring Program. American Association of School Administrators. Retrieved on April 8, 2011, from http://www/aasa.org/content.aspx?id=10502
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