Effective Leadership

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The idea of Leadership is something we all know about. We normally agree on the fact that it implies influencing the behavior of the other through a relationship that involves communication, motivation and delegation. But the difference on becoming “Effective Leaders” and make our areas of action improve its performance obliges us to make a deeper research on this interesting and passionate topic. Why are we still missing the shot? What is exactly to be a leader? What should a leader on his role bring as valuable? Why is it such a difficult task and how are different styles on leadership the same effective or not? Maybe there is where we have to take a moment and rethink from our position of managers how to make our leadership make a change in the flow of production, take responsibility on directing our group of employees towards that far but still reachable goal we set up every day. Leadership vs management

Leadership and Management should be considered as two faces from a coin, both as important and necessary as the other, it doesn’t exist one without the other side. While leadership is ‘doing the right things’ management is ‘doing the things right’. This two parts need to work together and be complementary. An effective manager at the same time needs to identify himself as a positive leader. For this some key words which follow will be useful to question ourselves about how are we performing or which are the areas in which we have to work harder to become stronger leaders: * Am I energizing and encouraging the change? Looking for bright new ideas to keep the business in a fast creative and innovational thinking environment? Ready to cope with challenges and be at the level of the competence? * Am I securing commitment amongst the staff? Giving them motivation enough? * Am I setting clear directions? Making them understand which is our goal? Using empowerment and team working? * Am I maximizing my people? Acknowledging their strengths? Making them bring their best to the business? Supporting and challenging them? Even management is related to logic, control, analysis and structure and is more focused in the productivity results, being leaders is something that has to be incorporated in this role. If the management starts working without taking in consideration the vision, the sense of direction and the importance of the people in the business there is no way to carry out the organization goals. Leadership styles

According to our different ways of being we have different ways of making connections with people and interacting, the same with leaders some of them have lots of charisma and the power of impressing the masses such as this people we will never forget like Hitler or Eva Peron, while others apply their leadership without being such a public figure . The most efficient leaders are the ones which are flexible enough to adaptate and change of skin to adjust their leadership style accordingly to the situation, the company context and the people they are managing. Following Huneryager and Heckman we get to know:

Dictatorial style of leadership: he knows exactly what he is expecting from every employee how when and where they are supposed to make a task and will closely follow them until the results. This leader doesn’t need any kind of advice or opinion from its subordinates he is self-sufficient on decision taking and if he needs to apply pressure as penalties or punishment over their staff he will do. Autocratic style of leadership: the leader is absolute, he makes all decisions and doesn’t encourage to any feedback from subordinates. It makes the decision making process faster than any other since the only really important and final word is on the leader. This people might be very loved and respected given that they develop sort of a paternalistic leadership assuming fully responsibility for everything in the business. Democratic style of leadership: he...
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