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Developing yourself as an effective human resource practitioner

December 2013

Certificate in human resource practice

Introduction 1
Activity 11/2
Activity 22/3
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This report will look at how to develop you as an effective Human Resource Practitioner. It will summarise the Human Resource Profession Map (HRPM), also identify different effective communication skills, understanding customer needs and how to delivery effective service.

Activity 1

Human resource professional map

The Human Resource Map also known as HRPM has been developed to help Human Resources practitioners and organisations to be successful and effective in their role and also to develop further in their career. The HRPM is broken up in to four key components – Professional areas, behaviours and band and transitions. There are ten professional areas, two of them being Core professional areas – Insights, Strategy, and Solutions and Leading HR. The first core professional area insights, strategy and solutions show the direction of the profession as a practiced business discipline with a people and organisation specialism. Secondly leading HR has three main areas for leadership to develop, personal leadership, leading others and leading issues. Next there are eight other professional areas – Organisational design which ensures the organisation is set up to achieve objectives in both the short and long term and that structural change are managed efficiently. Organisational development provides the organisation to have a committed workforce and that culture, values, support, performance and adaptability are assessed and developed. Resourcing and talent planning is all about making sure the organisation appeal to key people and meets balance of resource. Learning and development ensures that people at all levels of the hierarchy acquires and develops their skills, knowledge and experience to meet their own and the organisations ambitions. Performance and reward creates a high performance culture by delivering schemes that recognises and rewards skills, capabilities, experience and performance. Employee Engagement makes sure that all employees have positive and understanding relationships with their work, colleagues and organisation. Employee relations differ to employee engagement by ensuring that the relationship is managed accordingly within the organisations practices and policies. Finally service & delivery information ensures that the service & delivery of information is accurate, on time and cost effective. Next in the professional map are behaviours, in each area it describes how a HR professional should carry out their tasks. In total there are eight behaviours which are curious, decisive thinker, skilled influence, personal credible, collaborative, driven to deliver, courage to challenge and role model. The last area of the map is Bands and transitions; this is split into four bands (band 1, 2, 3 & 4). The four bands of professional competence define the contribution that professionals make at every stage of their HR career key areas such as relationships with clients, the focus of the activities performed by the HR professional, where HR professionals spend their time, the services they provide and their contribution and success is calculated. The bands help to give a clear pathway and focus to development planning and activities.

Professional are – Resourcing & talent planning

This part of the report will look the professional area ‘Resourcing and talent planning’ and the activities and knowledge within this area at band one that are more essential to my HR role. Band one is to support colleagues with administration duties and processes, managing information and being customer orientated. Resourcing and talent planning includes workforce planning, resourcing, talent...
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