Effective Data Warehouse Organizational

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Effective Data Warehouse Organizational
Roles and Responsibilities

Numerous roles and responsibilities will need to be acceded to in order to make data warehouse efforts successful and generate return on investment. For the technical personnel (application programmer, system administrator, database administrator, data administrator), it is recommended that the following roles be performed full-time by dedicated personnel as much as possible and that each responsible person receive specific Data Warehouse training. The data warehouse team needs to lead the organization into assuming their roles and thereby bringing about a partnership with the business. Management also needs to make actionable plans out of these directives and make sure the staff executes on them. The following are team and extended team member composition and roles and responsibilities suggestions. Manager/Director

The responsibilities of the Manager or Director of the Data Warehouse team should be to: •

Ensure support for the data warehouse program at the highest levels of the organization Understand high level requirements of the business
Present the business with the possibilities available to them through data warehousing Staff the team
Establish and ensure adherence to a set of guiding principles for data warehousing Communication of key milestone status to IT management
Ensuring the remainder of the team accede to their responsibilities as enumerated below Liaise with strategic vendors
Establishing partnerships with key IT partners in support of data warehousing initiatives

Project Manager
The perceived strength of data warehousing within an organization will be the sum of the strength of the Project Managers. Project Managers must deliver commitments and must deliver on time. They will do this by culling resources from within the data warehouse team and from consultancy as necessary and establishing partnerships with other internal support organizations required to support a data warehouse iteration. A Project Manager delivers by:

Maintaining a highly detailed plan and obsessively caring about the progress on it. Applying personal skill and judgment to everything on the project. This is a real value-add of the Project Manager. It is the Project Manager’s job to exercise relevant discretion. Matching team member’s skills and aspirations as closely as possible to tasks on the plan. Tracking all relevant metrics for each iteration:

o Project Plan milestones
o Issues list
o Adherence to change control practices
o Adherence to source code control practices
o Documentation fit for users and support personnel
o Architectural components adherence to fit for purpose and standards o Regression testing performed and tests updated based on changes o Team members fit for tasks and career-enhanced

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Chief Architect
The Manager/Director will need to rely on a Chief Architect (or similar title) position, as one of his/her direct reports, to work on complex issues of architecture, modeling, and tools. The person should be able to quickly qualify as an authority in data warehousing within the organization and have mastery of the data warehousing paradigm, both current and emerging technologies. His/her knowledge of the business needs to be just as great. A business technologist, s/he will meet business objectives with existing or emerging technologies and work on issues with broad technical or strategic implications. This person would have significant interface with the internal clients and increase their confidence in the data warehouse organization.

Data Steward (in user community - by subject area)
Data Stewardship appointment should be made at the subject area to management-level personnel in the business areas most impacted by the subject area. For the core subject areas, this will be the person on the working team...
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