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Personal and Professional Qualities for an Effective Counselor





This research paper discusses the qualities that are necessary for an effective counseling and as such any counselor considered effective must posses them. The paper has a separate discussion of both personal and professional qualities required for any good counselor. The personal qualities form a larger part of the discussion because the professional qualities depend wholly on the individual characteristics since professional qualities alone can’t qualify a counselor but effective personal qualities alone can make a good counselor. The main objectives of this paper is to set pace for subsequent studies on the area of effective counseling but more importantly, the paper is aimed at giving insight to practicing counselors and individuals who have the ambition of taking guidance and counseling as a career. Through learning the qualities necessary for effective counseling, individuals can exercise them and build their career to reputable and professional counselors.

Personal and Professional Qualities Necessary for an Effective Counselor

Counseling is process whose main objective is to help other individuals make better choices of their lives and make them better decision makers of present alternatives (Gladding, 2008). The counselor qualities involve those attributes that will help in forming working counseling relationships as well as building proper intervention programs that will help clients change their thinking, perceptions, attitudes and feelings. The guidance and counseling profession has called for the possession of both personal and professional characteristics that are necessary for admission into the guidance and counseling activities as well as evaluate the performance of the individuals under the counseling program.

Whiston (2009) notes that effective counselors always strive to know the condition(s) of their clients and how they can be solved. A good counselor should therefore have a positive and unconditional view of the recovery of the client. Once the understanding has been reached then a progressive counseling relationship is established. This personal quality of the counselors form the basis through which individuals under the counseling programme can freely express their experiences, thoughts and acceptance of their emotions. This quality has some professional elements in that the counselor must demonstrate openness in this relationship as well as creating a comfortable, safe and confidential environment for the client which is a sign that the counselor is dedicated to support, encourage and help.

An effective counselor should not be over judgmental in trying to win the trust of the client in the counseling relationship (Gladding, 2008). This quality provides the client the environment necessary to disclose all the information that is needed in the counseling program. By being less judgmental, the counselor will give room for a client to express their personalities and improve on the friendly atmosphere and attitude so that the counseling process can grow. Additionally, body language is very important quality that helps individuals to express their feeling towards other people. Using the right posture, maintaining a timed eye contact as well as giving the client personal space is crucial to conveying the warmth that the counselor has to the counseling process and to the client (Whiston, 2009). The way the counselor speaks must also conform to his/her body language so that the client can have reassurance of the actuality of the counselor

Extending appropriate respect and value of a client is very crucial for an effective counseling program. An effective counselor will...

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