Effective Communications

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Effective Communications
Of the many organizational models in today’s health care industry, medical service organizations (MSO) are becoming more popular and proving to be ideological. Services provided by medical service organizations manage various parts of health care organizations; including all administrative, billing, and production departments. The purpose of this management is to relieve the burden of the many responsibilities that come with running a health care organization while providing the most cost effective care. Problem Solving

In providing their services, medical service organizations must communicate effectively within organizations by involving employees in essential decisions, which may be useful in formulating solutions to problems. Within a medical service organization there are several techniques used to promote employee problem solving and involvement. Presenting techniques like open and honest communication (on every level and within every aspect of the functioning of the facility) strengthens the basis of that organization. Often, “participative management” occurs when a medical service organization moves to implement such involvement. Through this process, employees of the organization have the opportunity to share in the decision-making processes of the facility by participating in various activities such as open scheduling and survey feedback. Other methods medical service organizations might use to encourage employee involvement can be unit specific and include goal setting, budget making, continuing education training, and rewards programs. Sharing Information and Ideas

To help reduce potential communication barriers, Medical service organizations develop techniques for sharing information and ideas. A technique that is growing more and more every day and has become the backbone of many strategies is creating effective teams. Teamwork allows several opinions to be broke down and combine as one. It encourages individuals to have...

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