Effective Communication Paper

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Effective Communication Paper

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Communication In the health care organization there are several different layers and structures that go into the bigger picture of patient care, and efficiency and ambitions. Every health care organization adhere to unique company structures or standards. Although, more conventional or established organizational structures are functional structure, divisional structure, and matrix structure. Followed by informal structures such as networks, teams, and boundary fewer companies. Health care organizations as a whole are a blend of nontraditional and traditional, and a new divisional structure. So while I will be talking about how I work at John. C Freemont hospital, it will be based on me as a volunteer. And the team structure as it forms from there, would be functional. Organizational structures that follow functional are also known as bureaucratic organizational examples. Functional structures split the organization established on the area of expertise. As an example, this type of structure would designate individual departments for medical records, administration, or volunteers. “On the one hand, this type of organizational structure benefits from having individuals entirely dedicated to one function. In some cases, there can be cost savings and efficiency gains in combining functions in this way” (O'Farrell & Media, 2014, p. 1). The organization I am volunteering for, and their current method for sharing information is the orientation program. Much like any other new staff member, I need to attend an orientation program where the human resource officer will lay out the new rules. For everyone involved, this is an important program for many reasons. “An orientation program informs the new employee of policies, procedures, and requirements, and it offers an opportunity for the new employee to ask questions and clarify understanding about the organization. The Employee Staff Manual is provided to each new employee” Buchbinder, S. B., & Shanks, N. H. (2012). Employees sometimes need help or solutions to problems involving work relate issues. In a case like this, the hospital will call on the labor relations, and this is a general term that is a basic catch all for the relationship between staff and managers (management) throughout the hospital. If the hospital has a union, labor relations can begin with collective bargaining. So why do unions get involved? The same reason unions were created, to keep employees happy. So if there is a reason for a staff member to be dissatisfied with their work environment. And they feel management isn’t sensitive to their needs that’s when unions step in. Unions are the voice for the employee, when management has failed to do theirs. “If elected to represent employees, a union is then authorized to engage in collective bargaining with management of the HSO regarding wages, working conditions, promotion policies, they may believe that union is the only way to have their voices heard” Buchbinder, S. B., & Shanks, N. H. (2012).

As a volunteer the techniques that have been the most effective for me in sharing information or ideas, communicating with the nursing staff every time I come in. Not just head nurses, but CNA’s because I spend the most time with them. And the fact that I am with the elderly patients right now on this rotation, so I want their opinions on what happens in the hospital. And at the end of my shift, I also let whichever nurse, or CNA that is available know what I did.

If the patient was happy that I did it, what it was so they could do again. I already feel as though I have a stronger bond with some of the nurses there than others. My goal is to keep that communication open with everyone because I want to be hired at the end of my volunteering. And getting in with this hospital is very hard, so I am using all my communication...

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