Effective Communication in Organization

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Effective communication in organization
What is communication? The formal definition of communication displayed in the Webster's Dictionary is as follows:"a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior and the means to transmit messages between places or persons; " (Merriam-Webster, 2012) The basic communication model consists of eight elements of communication: (1)Sender. (2)Receiver (3) Purpose (4) Message (5) Channel (6) Encoding (7) Decoding (8) Feedback (T. Vinas and J. Jusko), Why effective communication skills is very important to manager? Because effective communication will clearly outline expectations for workers, which allows they better understanding of directives, requirements and goals. Moreover, it is important to insure that a project or task is done right and accurately. However, some problems appear in this process such as filtering information, selective perception, negative emotions, language barrier, communication skills and national culture. (Barriers to Effective Communication, 2012) This essay will focus on the importance of effective communication in management process and through some cases to show how effective communication was undermine by these problems, especially language barrier, communication skills and negative emotions. Issues can undermine effective communication

I. Language Barriers
Managers are often responsible for interacting with international partners and clients, meaning that they must be adept at communicating with people from different cultures.( Lauren Nelson, 2011) Language is a mirror of culture and is an important tool of communication. Therefore, Language barriers are the root of undermines communication between different cultural background people. (Yu, L. & Huat, G.S. 1995) Nowadays, the emergence of such problems seriously hampers the development of enterprises. Some issues in immigrant countries can be especially serious.

There is an example to show how language barrier can influence the operation of the enterprise. Most of employees of resort hotel in Orlando were Spanish-speaking and Haitian-Creole-speaking. English-speaking employees don't want to talk with them unless they speak English. In addition, they think it is difficult to understand the working arrangement which hinder the promotion opportunities. On the other hand, employees who can speak different language always have contradiction with others. Because of different values, cultural background, world outlook and they cannot communication with each other. Although use some gestures to express meaning and get some efforts. However, the same gestures in different countries represent different meaning and this method cannot implement. (Po-Ju et al.2011 p.335)Why the language barrier is a serious problem in service industries in the US? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics research, the 15.6 percent of US labor force which 24.1 million people are born in foreign country. Actually, the numbers of service industries employees are 8 million and 17.5 percent of them are immigrants. 36 percent of them admit they cannot speak fluent English. About 80 percent of immigrants do the highest risk and lowest paid jobs in US hotels and restaurants due to limited English proficiency and diverse cultural background. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009) In generally, non-speaking employee resists talk with manager. On the other hand, managers believe non-speaking employee only generalize about the matter and cannot provide technology and work contents of the detailed description. This perception is shared by managers, whereby a lack of a common language is a significant source of frustration which reduces their effectiveness. (Christensen-Hughes, J. 1992) For manager, different language causes some issues. First, it can influence the subordinate understanding of instruction. These misunderstandings not only lead to serious...
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