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Effective Communication in Healthcare

By Sandra-Cerutti May 21, 2014 829 Words

Communication Opinion Paper
Sandi Cerutti
May 11, 2014
Marina Voronin, PharmD, MPH

Communication is the basic fundamental of our human survival. Every day in our daily lives it is imperative that we communicated and understand what is happening around us. It starts when we see someone we know or just a head nod to be friendly to another person is a form of communication. Effective communication has basic elements, let it be for healthcare or just regular communication it depends on the time and place which element we use in a given situation. Being able to understand the different elements of communication is important in order for us to speak with one another. There is the sender/receiver element of communication in which you are speaking to an individual and they in return will give you feedback. Putting thought into symbols is another element of communication called encoding and then there is decoding when certain symbols are assigned a meaning. Feeling or an opinion of an idea is the element of messaging, as channeling is the form which messages are sent from the sender to receiver. How the message of the communication is seen and the response from the receiver is feedbacks that are very important elements of communication. The basic elements of communication can help convey our feelings with another individual to get feedback to whom the message was given to. Communicating with health care is not much different that basic elements of effective communication. There are difference ways to approach and difference forms of honesty that comes into play when dealing with the health care industry. “Sensitivity many theorists consider that the best communicators are sensitive to other people’s feelings and expectations. Sensitivity enhances health communication on many levels. Research shows that public health campaigns are most effective when they are designed with the audience’s concerns and resources in mind (Murray-Johnson & Witte, 2003). By the same token, people are usually most satisfied with physicians who listen attentively and seem to understand what they are feeling (Grant, Cissna, & Rosenfeld, 2000; Tarrant, Windridge, Boulton, Baker, & Freeman, 2003).” Culture differences can have a major influence on communication between providers and patients as well as everyday people. In health care communication one must be aware of cultural display rules, which are the best way of showing feeling to different cultures and being sure to understand one’s cultural expectations and personal preferences. Health communicator’s inorder to be effective need to be very concerned and have the ability to pay attention to a person’s habits and have current knowledge to recognize personal preferences and cultural that make a person different than others. Encouraging a reluctant consumer to communicate candidly is usually an easy task for a provider that is understanding and speaks to their patients at eye level. Being able to explain health care issues to clients can be very difficult especially if the person refuses to communicate their own concerns. So, the best way is for a provider is to get the person talking and use basic elements of effective communication along with honesty and understanding of their feelings. It takes an extensive number of people to make health communication effective. Most providers seem to make the decisions, but there are a range of factors that into play to make the communication work, as public influence or what type of budget a said practice has. There are many influences that determine what goes on in any health care situations it is not just the provider they do not work alone there are others like counselors, technicians, therapists, and nurses. Effective health care communication is achieved through a complex of different influences. The individual action is partly the result social expectations and contexts are also partly the result of many influences to do with all the different forms of communication. Having long time success in health care communication can be achieved as long as the participants not only strive to work for their personal objectives while having good faith and maintaining it with the individuals around them. “However, communication described in many different ways so far is the process with its simplest meaning in which information is transmitted from a source to the receiver with an aim. Health information and communication opportunities are important for the quality of health care applications, successful of health outcomes and healthier life. Connecting the health and the communication with each other, health communication means "the application of the communicative rules and strategies on procedures performed to develop health (2010, Selcuk University Social sciences Institute Journal).” Throughout the health industry sharing health information will help improve communication to change behaviors and raise awareness to the public regarding health solutions and promoting health awareness. The health behaviors that need to be addressed in the community are disease prevention and enabling people to increase their own knowledge of health issues.


BULDUKLU, Y. (2010). Telvizyonda, Yayinlana, Saglik, Programlari, veizleyiciler, (Turkish). Selcuk University Social Sciences Institute Journal, (24), 75-85. Communicating About Health Ch01

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