Effective communication in health and social care

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Effective communication in health and social care
Different forms of communication are effective in a health centre. These different forms are used in different situations and are most effective for what they are used for. One to one communication- a form of one to one communication could be a GP giving test results back to a patient. This is effective because it ensures the patient is getting the correct information straight from the GP. It is private in a one to one environment so there are fewer distractions which would mean the information could not get miscommunicated. Group communication- a form of group communication would be ante natal classes at a health centre. This form of communication is more effective than having one to ones with each person because it saves time and resources. It is effective for the patients because they get to share their experiences and ask different questions to the group. They are all in the same situation so the information you would give one of them would apply to all. Informal communication- a form of informal communication could be in the receptionists’ area at a health centre. This is effective because it is welcoming for the patients to come in and talk to a friendly person. This makes them feel more at ease about what they are going to the GP for and helps them to talk about their problem without feeling shy or embarrassed. Formal communication- a form of formal communication could be a letter confirming a hospital appointment. This is effective because it is sent straight to their house so they will see it. It is professional and so will be taken seriously by the recipient or if needed an employer for evidence. Communication between colleagues- a form of communication between colleagues could be a staff meeting. This would be effective because staff could talk about anything they need and it would get straight to the rest of the staff. It shows respect and value for the other colleagues as they have to listen and...
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