Effective Communication

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In order for an organization to be successful employees need to practice effective communication. Sharing knowledge amongst each other is also very critical for any organizations success especially in the health care industry. Without effective communication an organization will not succeed and will eventually fail. One way to share information and ideas is by working in teams. The team approach is the latest trend in the corporate world and in healthcare. Working in a team is essential in organizations for better output, because there is more efficiency and speed compared to individual workers. Workload is shared and individuals feel motivated to perform better. In a team setting everyone plays apart in the solving of the problem. Getting people involved gets more options to use to solve the problem. When team member’s work together they can pull their resources together and come up with the best outcome possible for any problem they may have or goal they want to achieve. Working in teams also has a huge impact on each individual’s performance, goals, attitude, and productivity. In my immediate department which is the Incentive Compensation Department at Kaiser Permanent we use the team approach. Each team consists of an Analyst and a Consultant. The Analysts report to the Consultant who operates as the project manager. The Consultant reports to the Senior Manager, but the analyst is still under both the Consultant and Senior Manager when it comes to setting performance goals. This approach works very well for the department because for better output, because there is more efficiency and speed. The workload is shared and everyone plays apart in the solving of the problem. Effective Techniques for Sharing Information One of the most effective techniques for sharing pertinent information and knowledge is the organizational structure. There are five Organizational Structures they are Functional, Geographic, Program, Market, and Matrix. The functional approach is mostly found in single program organizations. The pros of this approach are that it is organized around key functions or departments. It is simple and easy for each department within an organization to understand their core responsibilities, and to hold them accountable. The downside for using this approach is that the focus is on the function rather than overall organization or beneficiaries. Another organizational structure is Geographic. Geographic is common in multi-site organizations; frequently used by networks. With the geographic approach the organization is organized around major geographies. It allows greater customization of programs or services by region. (Lombardi & Schermerhorn,2007) The third structure is Customer/Market this is found in small organizations with narrow customer focus, or large nonprofits where programs and customers are brought together. Under Customer Market the focus is on the customer it allows development of programs costumed to the population’s needs. However, this approach can lead to functional duplication and potential loss of control. The last structure out of the five organizational structures is the Matrix structure. Many organizations are using to designing there organization. Matrix is common in Large, nationwide, and /or global organizations. Matrix allows an organization to manage multiple organizational dimensions simultaneously. Although this structure is commonly used it to has a downside. Individuals can become unclear as to who they report to. They may need clarity around roles and decision making, and accountability for results. The organization that I work for is Kaiser Permanente. The way healthcare is delivered is different from other healthcare organizations. Kaiser Permanente consists of three entities Kaiser Foundation Health Plans, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and Permanente Medical Groups. Kaiser Foundation Health Plans is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation that contract with individuals and...

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