Effective Communication

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Effective Communication

Effective Communication
In the health care industry effective communication is vital to providing adequate and compassionate patient care. Being a purposeful communicator means utilizing active listening skills, being engaged and providing feedback during an exchange of messaging. In this paper, I will discuss how effective communication incorporates the basic elements of communication, how these elements differ from the basic rules of health care communication, provider and patient communication and cultural influences on communication. Effective communication and the Basic Elements of Communication The basic elements of effective communication include many active processes. The first process is active listening. Active listening means to listen with the intention of understanding. When communicating effectively there is a sender and receiver. The sender originates a communication message. The sender will encode messages to support or emphasize emotions regarding the message. The sender will encode messages to support or emphasize emotions regarding the message. The receiver must assign meaning to and understand the communication message. The second component of effective communication is the message. “The message is the idea, thought or feeling to be communicated.” (Cheeseboro, 2010) The method used to relay the message from the sender to the receiver is the channel. For example, an oral exchange uses airwaves as a channel to transport the message. Lastly, there is feedback. Feedback is the receiver’s response to the message. Their response will confirm if the message was heard and understood. Effective communication employs all of these basic elements of communication to successfully translate thoughts and ideas.

Basic Rules of Health Care Communication
The basic rules of healthcare communication differ from the basic rules of communication in some ways. In healthcare communication occurs in...

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