Effective Communication

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Effective Communication
Learning Team C
William Francois, Shannon Brennan, Dawn Rose
MGT 311
August 10, 2013
Jamie Dorman

Communication is an important part of an effective team or organization. Communication makes it possible for everyone to operate as one unit with every employee knowing the information needed to perform the job. There are different ways to communicate such as verbally, non-verbally, and visually. Each type allows communication to flow between people to convey messages effectively. These types of communication are vital to the success of any organization or team.

The video, “Teamwork in Hospitality: Communication,” helped illustrate, and explain the different types of communication forms: verbal, non-verbal, and visual communication. Verbal communication allows teams and organizations to work effectively by speaking with one another, such as speaking directions or informing a fellow employee about a customer order. Also verbal communication includes spoken words, and the tone of one’s voice. It is a tangible way of handling situations as well as daily operations because the staff is clear with any instructions given to them, and they know the requirements needed to complete the job. Employees who understand the aspects of their job will achieve their goals, Non-verbal and visual communications come in the form of written documents, hand gestures, facial expressions, and posture. These types of non-verbal and visual communication help a team or organization work effectively by helping employees remember the intended message through use of written communication, and enhancing through the use of body language.

When communication is poor, it can lead to many problems within the organization or team. Poor communication can create havoc in the workplace resulting in mix-ups, poor customer service, and conflicts between employees. Employee conflict limits the effectiveness of how the organization operates. Organizations...

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