Effective Communication

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Effective Communication

Without a doubt, one of the most precious gifts humankind has been given is the power to communicate(Olson). We also possess the gift to communicate using various methods aside from verbal communication. Effective communication is the ability to incorporate various communication methods to clearly convey a message. The talent of effective communication knowing which methods should be employed and when it is appropriate to do so.

Verbal communication means spoken or written words, including body motion, appearance, voice, and use of space and distancing(p.15 Agarwal). It is imperative to choose words wisely because things cannot be unsaid. This is especially important for anybody in a leadership position. They must be able to communicate to their constituents and ensure they know exactly what the message is.

Nonverbal gesturing is one of the most important communication skills a leader can possess(p.45 O'Neil and Chapman). There are many ways that an individual can non-verbally communicate. There are facial expressions, body movements, posturing, eye contact, hand gestures, the volume and tone of the voice, just to name a few. Body language is the most obvious showing of a person's demeanor and attitude. If someone is in a bad mood, even if they don't say anything, people will sense their negativity. If a leader is in this state, then most of their constituents will deem them unapproachable and communication may cease.

Managers and other business leaders must also know how to listen. In order to motivate and influence those around them, those in a leadership role must display a capacity to “negotiate”(Aziz). This is probably the area that many leaders lack in. They may have the attitude that they only communication is important is what they say. Good leaders know how to balance listening and conversation.

Written communication is formal and precise It requires a formal beginning and ending(p.36 Agarwal). Writing skills are...

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