Effective Biblical Church Leadership

Topics: Jesus, Youth, Gospel of Matthew Pages: 5 (1061 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Africa International University

A.I.C G.S.U Training College Church

Youth Ministry Strategic Plan

Period: 1st October 2012-31st December 2012

Unit Title: Church Administration

Unit Code: PA 204

Presented to :Lecturer –Dinah K. Nyamai

Presented by: Stephen Mutua

Adm no: 12066


General Service Unit Training College Embakasi Church is a under the umbrella of Africa Inland Church of Kenya. We are situated in the Training College main compound. The Church main congregants are the Training college community and the surrounding neighbors. Since the church was started there has never been any active youth ministry. There has been growing need to meet the spiritual needs of the increasing number of youth church members. This has led the church administration to take a move to initiate and strategize on how to effectively the community at large. Thus, a need for a comprehensive and attainable strategic plan for the youth ministry be put in place to help our young people.

The Church Strategic Plan for youth ministry will be for a period of three months from 1st October 2012- 31st December 2012. Our first main focus will be to equip the leaders who will thus help has a important means to reach the entire group. Time has come that the church has to seriously need to invest in the youth group for if we miss them then the churches will be at a threat of closing their doors tomorrow. This is because there will be no one of the young generation to be handed over the church leadership.

Our strategic plan has been prepared in line with the Vision, Mission, goals of Africa Inland Church of Kenya; VISION:
To equip and teach every church member in all wisdom, so that every church member may be mature in Christ; Col: 1-28


To fulfill the Great Commission of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20)

  Our Goals:

1. To fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19,20;"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations... 2. To instruct and strengthen church members in the faith and holy living  3. To help Christians to stand firm on the scriptures principles  4. To show and demonstrate Christ's love and concern for people by engaging in selective community development projects based on biblical and evangelical principles and practices

Our Vision, Mission, Goal and objectives for the Africa Inland church General Service Unit Training College Embakasi youth ministry; Vision

To be a youth ministry that effectively shares our faith and hope in Jesus Christ, (Acts 20:27),


To nurture the youth in church so as to nurture their peers in Christ . Goal:
To inspire, train and mentor Christ like youth leaders.
1. By the end of October 2012, fifteen youth leaders will be trained to lead at least four youth members through personal Bible study and evangelism. 2. By the end of November 2012, all the trained leaders will evangelize to at least ten people mainly the youth in our surrounding church community. 3. By the end of December 2012, youth leaders will be trained on how to effectively formulate youth programs.

October - 2012.
|ACTIVITY |HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THE ACTIVITY |WHO TO UNDERTAKE THE ACTIVITY |COST | | A three day seminar for the| The seminar takes place weekly on |Youth pastor, Youth Patron and the youth |Total cost is ksh 20,000.00 | |youth leaders. |Saturday’s, starting from 9:am-3:30pm |chairman to organize the other youth |The facilitators will be honored | |The seminar topic will be how |We will have two facilitators for the seminar.|leaders to attend the seminar and be |with Ksh 1,000/= on everyday of | |to lead a Bible study group and|...
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