Effective and Ineffective Communication

Topics: United States men's national basketball team, University of Kansas, Turner Gill Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: October 27, 2010
One example of effective communication by a leader
and one example of ineffective communication

Effective communication: Coach K convincing young NBA Players that they can win the FIBA Championship this year. Result: They won the Championship for the first time since 1994, more fans appreciate coach K’s career achievements.

I believe Coach K did an excellent job of using effective communication in this scenario because he accomplished a task that was not achieved by the USA Basketball team since 1994. Coach K used effective communication by motivating his team, trusting them, and giving them clear direct directions without overloading them. He motivated them by telling them about historical US events that had happened on that day to convince them to play better for their home country. One example they used was making his players recognize September 11th and to make them play for their country wholeheartedly that day in remembrance of all those who lost their loved ones that day. His main players were young and many did not have overseas experience but he brought them together as a team and trusted them that they will be able to win the Championship. He gave clear set directions to his players by telling them to play to their best of their abilities to represent their Country. He also gave Kevin Durant clear directions because he had told him to be the leader on this team and he also explained to different players their roles on the team by convincing them to play selflessly.

Ineffective communication: Coach Turner Gill trying to lead the Kansas Jayhawks football team this year. Result: A losing record, fans losing trust in their football team and coach.

I believe that Coach Gill is having trouble communicating to his team by looking at the results of the season and by looking at the fact that he has made his players play different positions and to face change constantly. Change is good most of the time but not necessarily in...
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