Effect Of PH On Enzyme Activity

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Effect of pH on Enzyme Activity
Athenaa Jeyachandran
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January 21st, 2013

The Effect on Enzyme Activity Due to Temperatures

The purpose of this lab experiment is to examine how different temperatures affect enzyme activity using hydrogen peroxide.

My hypothesis for this experiment is that temperatures near body temperature is when enzyme activity will be at its highest. I believe this will occur because in our body, enzymes are very efficient. I also think that as the temperature of the water increases, there will be more enzyme activity.

1. Water/Ice
2. Hot Plate
3. Test Tube
4. Liver
5. Sand
6. Cork
7. Small Circles of Filtered Paper
8. Tub
9. Hydrogen Peroxide
10. Graduated Cylinder
11. Pestle and Mortar


1. First, I used the pestle and mortar to grind the liver and sand into a paste. 2. Then using tweezers, I covered the small circles of filtered paper with the liver and sand paste. 3. I carefully lined up the liver paste covered filter paper in the inside of the side of a test tube. 4. I repeated step 2 and 3, five times until I had 5 liver paste covered filter papers on the side of a test tube. 5. Carefully, I poured in 31 ml of hydrogen peroxide in the test tube and made sure the hydrogen peroxide did not come into contact yet. 6. I used a cork with a tube for area to seal the test tube. 7. To prepare the tub, we filled the tub with 9 degree Celsius water. 8. Then we filled a graduated cylinder with water of the same temperatures of the tub: 9 degrees Celsius to the very top of the graduated cylinder. 9. One person flips the graduated cylinder into the tube.

10. At the same time, another person flips the test tube with hydrogen peroxide and sticks the tube with the clog underneath the graduated cylinder. 11. After every half a minute, I record how many cm of the graduated...
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