Effect of Part Time Work Among Student

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Effects of Having a Part Time Job As a Student
In today's world, just as almost all individuals who are obligated to meet their own needs have to find a well-paid job, a myriad of students also fell obliged to work in order to afford their educational expenses because of their economical conditions. In this regard, there are a lot of positive or negative effects of this case in terms of gaining a sense of responsibility and academic failure.

To begin with gaining a sense of responsibility, it is a well-known fact that having a job is a contributory factor in gaining a sense of responsibility. A job enables people to determine their prioritites and show respect to business ethics. Students who have a job could learn numerous useful knowledge on how to organize their time properly. Moreover, they would understand how to combat social and economical problems in their lives. Eventually, should you work and study at the same time,you need to be disciplined and self organized person.

On the orher hand, academic failure can be regarded as the negative aspects of having a part time job. İt is quite likely that students who are forced to work and study at the same time may not allocate sufficient amount of time to their studies. Due to this, although individuals in question show great determination to study,they may not pass their exams and they may fail in their studies.

All in all, whilst gaining a sense of responsibility is the favorable aspects of having a part time job, academic failure can be regarded as the unfavorable outcomes of this. In this sense, in my opinion, positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects.
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