Effect of Lurid Crimes in Uplb

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In every society, crime is a major part. It has different costs and impacts that vary widely and affect everyone to some degree. Although the ultimate cost is life, other costs include medical costs, property losses, and loss of income.

Crime not only affects economic productivity when victims miss work, but communities also are affected through loss of tourism and retail sales. Even the so-called victimless crimes of prostitution, drug abuse, and gambling have major social consequences. Drug abuse affects worker productivity, uses public funds for drug treatment programs and medical attention, and leads to criminal activity to support the expenses of a drug habit.

Crime, as a part of the society, has a significant impact. On one hand, criminal activity allows the consumption of illicit goods or services which could not otherwise be consumed. On the other hand, crime imposes great costs to the public and private actors, such as stolen and damaged goods, lost lives, security spending, pain and suffering.

UP Los Banos has become a point of interest nationwide because of the recent crimes that happened near the campus. Rape slays and murders of students had happened for the last two years. Everyone was caught alarmed – instructors, students, university heads, town officials, parents, and even the whole country (Borlaza, 2012).

We all know that safety is paramount to everyone, most especially to the parents of the students of the university. The student leaders, together with the town officials, were forced to find a way to strictly reinforce safety measures around Los Banos, specifically near the campus.

These recent crimes affected the community in more ways than one. Curfew was strictly implemented. Establishments were instructed to close earlier so that students will be forced to go home early as well.

A researcher, Brandon Carroll (n.a.) studied the effects of criminal violence in the school setting. In his paper, research showed that these crimes lower academic achievement and number of enrollees every year. The first few incidents could not be as influential as the next cases of crimes but in one way or another, all these are disruptive in the state of mind of students who focus on their academics. More than the primary objective to educate, students are being alarmed by the feeling of being unsafe within the academic community. These crimes have a large impact on the focus and concentration of students.

UP Los Banos is an academic setting and for one, it has been one a safe community to stroll around even in the wee hours of morning. Now that the community is alarmed, the economic stability of these night-operating establishments in the area has surely declined. As students stay in coffee shops or 24-hour establishments and finish their requirements, it has been observed that there are only a few shops left which operate 24 hours.

Thesis Statement: Recent heightened crimes in the University of the Philippines Los Baños cause a decline in the economic stability of 24-hour- and night-operating business establishments around the area.


Primarily, this research paper aims to determine the effects of recent heightened crimes associated with the University of the Philippines Los Baños to the 24-hour- and night-operating establishments in close proximity to the area. Specifically, this paper seeks to:

1. Discuss an overview of the current status of these establishments in Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna in terms of operation scheme, number of consumers, commodities and services offered, and other significant factors, for the identification of potential impact/s of recent heightened crimes to the business; and

2. To identify the effects of recent heightened crimes and measure the extent of severity that lead to changes in the business’ operations, expenses or cost of production, and revenue or income....

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