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Topics: Computer network, Internet, Website Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Internet plays a major role in influencing the business activities in today’s environment. Explain how internet is affecting the business organisations’ structures.

In this competitive market, the Internet creates new network structures that enable firms to integrate cross-functional activities at relatively low cost and eliminate non-value-adding activities. Besides that, there is little experience evidence on how structural characteristics of network organization and the Internet affect service responsiveness and firm performance. Thus, this study integrates and examines the Internet as a mediator of processing complex networks of interactions to extend current understanding of network structures in electronic markets. (Teck-Yong Eng, page 91-101, 2008). Internet alters the ways firms coordinate their activities through responsive processes.

Firstly, E-business or E-commerce plays a major role in influencing the business activities in today’s environment. For instance, United Technologies, J. Sainsbury and General Electric are the companies that get benefits from internet. This can improved their speed of response. As you know, internet is a superhighway for the buying public. They can promote their products in a website and get the order from customers without using any human’s energy. Furthermore, from E-business they can improve their communication, knowledge and information sharing. They can post everything into the blog or create a customer service. So that the customer will feel convenience and can get any information easily. May be this way can increase the sales and acquisition of new customers. Moreover, E-business can standardization and harmonization of procedures. (Paul T. Kidd, 2001) So, we can say that E-business bring many benefits to us. Human can do everything easily by just pressing the keyboard.

On the other hand, intranet also plays a role in influencing the...
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