Effect of Energy Crysises on Our Economy, (Pakistani Issue)

Topics: Electricity, Energy development, Renewable energy Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Effects of Energy Crises on Our Economy

While exclusively talking about the Energy Crises. We have the lot energy crises which effect on our economy and our economy decreasing day by day related to the world economy. Prices of the electric, gas, oil energy have recently gone very high in Pakistan. It has the life of common man very difficult and increased the miseries of a large population of the country. The most affected are middle / lower-middle class of our society.

Pakistan has been facing an unprecedented electricity energy crisis since the last few years. The problem becomes more severe during summer; however, this winter was no different. During the peak crises there was a power outage of 3-4 hours everyday. Those without generators and UPS faced tremendous problems. The prices of both continued to increase due to a sharp increase in their demand.

Almost two years ago the WAPDA chairman who happens to be a caretaker minister admitted that WAPDA cannot meet the current demand for electricity. It’s surprising that such a senior and experienced person took so long to find this out. On top of that the government which talked about Pakistan’s supposedly booming economy failed to understand the gravity of the situation. Generally Musharraf (R) after becoming Chief Executive used to talk about building dams especially KALABAGH Dam. This was one of the many promises he failed to keep. Even after that every power plants have been set up to meet the demand for electricity.

During the second government of Benazir some independent power plants were set up. Had they not been setup then we would have had a much bigger crises with life almost coming to a standstill.

If here, we are talking about the reforms of the people of Pakistan. Then it is important for the government to encourage private investment in power sector, “As Pakistan’s energy needs are immediate, thermal and large hydro-electric plants may not be the solution because such projects may...
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