effect of drought

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Since lately, a lot of the news we hear about water rations distributed due to drought. Actually, drought occurs when human demand for water exceeds the available supply. Drought can be caused by too little precipitation over an extended period, as most people assume. Then, drought can cause serious economic problem, environmental impact, and social impact.

The first drought’s effect was economic probem. Many economic problem occur in agriculture and related sectors, because of the reliance of these sectors on surface and groundwater supplies. Sometimes, drought is associated with insect infestations, plant disease, and wind erosion. Finally, the Government was forced to withdraw large expenses to overcome of side effects.

The second drought’s effect was environmental impact. The weather is too hot and dry can cause controlled burn. Then, Environmental losses are the result of damages to plant and animal species, wildlife habitat, and air and water quality, forest and range fires, degradation of landscape quality, loss of biodiversity, and soil erosion. Finally, the environment will be lost balance, wildlife will be threatened and some of them had to move. The last drought’s effect was social impact. Social impacts involve public safety, health, conflicts between water users, reduced quality of life, and inequities in the distribution of impacts and disaster relief. However, the most important to take care was health. Droughts can reduce air quality and compromise the health of people with certain conditions. During a drought, dry soils and wildfires increase the amount of airborne particles, such as pollen and smoke. These particles can irritate the airways and worsen chronic respiratory illnesses, such as asthma. As a conclusion, as the dry season we need to take care of our health by drinking plenty of water. The most importantly is do not waste the water and save it.

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