Effect of Culture in Human Resource Management

Topics: Culture, Individual, Globalization Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Impact of culture on Human Resource practices
Culture may be defined as ' The way of life of a people ,including their attitudes , values , beliefs , arts , sciences , modes of perception , and habits of thought and activity . In this context , a culture defines how individuals live and behave in an environment and how their perceptions are shaped which affect the mutual relationship between both the individuals who are part of that environment and those who interact with that environment . For organizations , cultural differences are becoming more and more important . With globalization , workforce diversity has increased and cultural impacts are shaping organization 's performance . These cultural differences have profound impact over Human Resource practices such as training , staffing , mergers and acquisitions .

How culture influences Human Resource practices
Differences in cultures affect many organizational variables . For instance , cultural differences are barriers to effective communication in organizations . Barriers caused by semantics , that is association of different meanings to words , often lead to confusion and conflicts when people from different cultures interact (Robbins , 2004 )t . For example , the new capitalists in Russia usually have difficulty in communicating with their American counterparts because words such as regulation and efficiency are not exactly translatable in Russian .

Cultural differences are also responsible for the failure of most cross-cultural acquisitions. Approximately , 52 percent of all cross-border acquisitions fail , the prime reason of their failure being cultural differences . People from different cultures have different value systems and these differences in values often result in cross-cultural barriers . For example , individualistic cultures encourage individual achievement , attainment of personal goals and believe in individual rights above all else...
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