Effect of Cultural Globalization in Intercultural Communication

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Western culture Pages: 6 (1964 words) Published: January 15, 2011
Effect of Cultural Globalization in Intercultural Communication

A. Background
It's almost always about international trade, foreign investment, capital flow and all the rest. But what about culture, identity, traditions and ways of life; do these things amount to anything? True, globalization has various manifestations. If viewed strictly from economic terms, then the debate delves into trade barriers, protectionism and tariffs. Powerful countries demand that smaller countries break down all trade barriers, while maintaining a level of protectionism over their own. Smaller countries, knowing that they cannot do much to hide from the hegemonic nature of globalization, form their own economic clubs, hoping to negotiate fairer deals. And the economic tug of war continues, between diplomacy and threats, dialogue and arm twisting. This is the side of globalization with which most of us are familiar. But there is another side of globalization, one that is similarly detrimental to some countries, and profitable to others: cultural globalization — not necessarily the domination of a specific culture, in this case Western culture, over all the rest — but rather the unbridgeable disadvantage of poorer countries, who lack the means to withstand the unmitigated takeover of their traditional ways of life by the dazzling, well-packaged and branded "culture" imparted upon them around the clock. What audiences watch, read and listen to in most countries outside the Western hemisphere is not truly Western culture in the strict definition of the term, of course. It's a selective brand of a culture, a reductionist presentation of art, entertainment, news, and so on, as platforms to promote ideas that would ultimately sell products. For the dwarfed representation of Western culture, it's all about things, tangible material values that can be obtained by that simple and final act of pulling out one's credit card. To sell a product, however, media also sell ideas, often one-sided, and create unjustifiable fascinations with ways of life that hardly represent natural progression for many vanishing cultures and communities around the world. There is nothing wrong with exchanges of ideas, of course. Cultural interactions are historically responsible for much of the great advancements and evolution in art, science, language, even food and much more. But, prior to globalization, cultural influences were introduced at much slower speed. It allowed societies, big and small, to reflect, consider, and adjust to these unique notions over time. But the globalization of the media is unfair. It gives no chance for mulling anything over, for determining the benefits or the harms, for any sort of value analysis. News, music and even pornography are beamed directly to all sorts of screens and gadgets. This may sound like a harmless act, but the cultural contradictions eventually morph into conflicts and clashes, in figurative and real senses. Now days, globalization has spread out through all aspects of human live around the world. The globalization not only has been become a theory discussion but also the effect of it can change cultural identity and human perception. In this case we can know that globalization has changed our perception and our understanding about culture. In fact, culture is a fundamental reflections to do communication an any cases. Culture is also affect on our perception and our performance in our communication with other different culture, or we often call it Intercultural Communication. The impact of cultural globalization can be a virtue or fault in our communication. So, next, we also need to adapting in our behavior that we still have to open our mind and the cultural globalization can not hinder us in international or intercultural communication.

B. Data
Cultural globalization is the rapid traversing of ideas, attitudes and values across national borders. This sharing of ideas generally leads to an interconnectedness and...
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