Effect of Computer Games on Bits Students

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Mr. Gajendra Singh Chauhan

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Pulkit Bhargava
Samuel Pradeep
Ravi Sankar Ippili
Anuj Kumar Loomba
Rahul Gogna

A report submitted for the partial fulfilment of the requirements of TA C312 - Technical Report Writing

10 April, 2007.


We would like to express our thanks to Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma, Instructor In charge for the course TA C312 - Technical Report Writing for giving us an opportunity for writing this report. We would also like to express our gratitude to our instructor Mr. Gajendra Singh Chauhan for his continuous advice and assistance in preparing this report.

We are also very grateful to the students of BITS-PILANI for their overwhelming response to the questionnaires.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Computer games and Aggression
1.2. Computer games and Addiction
1.3. Computer games and Health
2. Discussion and Analysis
2.1 Gaming Density
2.2 Gaming History
2.3 Gaming Interest
2.4 Game Timing
2.5 Gaming Effects
3. Conclusion
4. Recommendations
References and Bibliography


In the past few decades Computer Games have started to have a greater impact and influence on our lives, and more specifically on the youth of today. Ever since the first computer rolled out, these computer games have been evolving by leaps and bounds. Today there are a huge variety of games and the Gaming industry has become a multi ' billion dollar industry. This industry has become one of the fastest growing also, with new games flooding the market almost everyday. With this background, it becomes empirical that a study should be done on the effect of computer games on todays youth.

In order to effectively quantify the effect of these games on the students of BITS- Pilani, we have a designed a survey which asked the respondents a range of 14 questions which were about how these computer games affected them in their daily lives. The survey revealed both expected facts and showed some unexpected insights into how gaming has become a passion nowadays, and infact how it has become an obsession and addiction to today’s youth. Read on, to find out more about this interesting study.


Games have always been perceived as a harmless and enjoyable pastime and hence research on their effects has been neglected to a great degree. Ever since the medieval ages, lots of games have been invented by man to help him pass the time during his leisure time. But the real revolution in the games and gaming has come about with the advent of the Personal Computer.

The advent of Space Invaders in 1979 saw computer games become popular to a mass audience. By 1981, no single game dominated the field any more as new games came out, rendering Space Invaders obsolete (Surrey 1982). The increasing popularity of computer games stimulated a certain amount of research interest in their effects. While, the saturation of the market with games in the early 1980s led to some loss of interest in them by the purchasing public, the late 1980s saw the arrival of the Japanese Nintendo system and soon sales started to rise. In 1991, the Economist Intelligence Unit noted that UK sales of console games connected to televisions increased by 200 per cent and sales of hand held games had risen by 700 per cent.

Funk (1993) identified computer game playing as a relatively high frequency activity among adolescents. Research has indicated gender differences in computer game playing habits, with males playing more frequently than females (Kaplan, 1983; Griffiths, 1991a). Reasons for this include: the game...
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