Effect of Cocaine Exposure to Prenatal Development

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetus Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: April 11, 2013
From Cherry (2012), prenatal development refers to the changes that take place in human embryo or fetus since the period of conception until the birth of the child. This study was to examine the effect of cocaine use by pregnant mothers to the development of the fetus. The study involved an interview with a nurse since nurses are responsible for providing health care to pregnant women and even after the birth of the child. The effect of cocaine on children exposed to cocaine during their fetus development occurs even long after their birth. This study provides vital information that can be used to educate pregnant mothers on the effect of drugs like cocaine to their health and that of their unborn babies. It is also helpful in understanding the behavior of the drug abusers and especially due to the increased used drugs by the pregnant women across the globe (Thames Digital Media, 2003).

According to Massachusetts Medical Society (1992), in most cases, cocaine users are consumers of other drugs like tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol. However, research has shown that, those children exposed to cocaine during their pregnancy depict some characteristics unique from those of other drugs. The research was carried out by specifically isolating pregnant mother who consumed cocaine only. Growth of their unborn babies was monitored closely with from time to time to establish the effect of cocaine on the fetus development.

It was discovered that exposure of the fetus to cocaine during their development in mothers womb result to damage on their growth. This is as a result of interruption in transmission of nutrients from mother to the fetus. This interruption may have been caused by the damage of the blood transmission system between the mother and the fetus. This is because the only channel responsible for transmission of food nutrients from mother to the fetus is blood. Also, the other cause for abnormal growth of the fetus is unavailability of sufficient nutrients for...
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