Effect of Acid Rains on Environment

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Effect of acid rains on environment

Acid rains also known as acid deposition. There are numerous of environmental effects such as destruction of aquatic systems, pollutants of soil, damage of forest, corrosion of buildings and effects of human health.

Destruction of aquatic systems

Acid rain will causes the pH value of lake and stream decreases. The decreasing pH value of lake and stream will kill the fish eggs, frog eggs, and fish food organisms. The lower the pH value can cause the infertility of fish because of the low pH value causes the low amounts of calcium. Even though the production of eggs success, the eggs also cannot growth in an abnormal environment and this causes the population of fish decreasing. While the acidity of lake or stream increasing, the aluminum and manganese particles will stored in the bottom of lake or stream and the concentration of these metal will increase that are toxic to the aquatic life. According to the scientists, the aquatic life cannot be survive within hours if the pH value of the lake or stream are 3.5 or below than it.

Pollutants of soil

The occurrence of acid rain would change the soil chemistry. The soil are contains many of valuable nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, the invasion of acid rain causes the loss of the nutrients that in the soil. The soil that invaded by the acid rain will becomes lack of nutrients and is no more suitable for planting. Not only that, the inorganic aluminum that come with the acid rain will also dissolved into the soil and it is toxic to the plants. Some of the researchers believe that the acid rain are also disrupts soil regeneration that is the recycling of chemical and mineral nutrients back to the Earth through the plants and animals.

Damage of forest

Forest is the main resources for the human and also important to the Earth but the formation of acid rain damaged the forest. For example, the deposit of the acid rain that will remain on the...
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