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Topics: Nutrition, Food, Fast food Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Fast foods have become a common trend amongst many individuals. Most people would always say they don't have time hence opt for fast foods. With the advancement of modern technology these foods are made in way that leaves questions unanswered. Despite research showing organic food such as meat and poultry serve better nutritious supplements, most people tend to rely on fast foods such as vanilla and, barbecue more so in U. S. A. (Alexander, 22). There are some negative aspects pegged to modern food production techniques in the society. Modern food production techniques are costly hence it is not convenient for poor farmers since it involves scientific knowledge. In spite of its prevalence for about in 13year in U. S. A. the debate about fast foods has taken centre stage in today's discussion. This paper tries to stipulate the effects of fast foods that are exhibited in our contemporary society.

Firstly, Modern methods also make use of machinery which is not available to every farmer in the world hence, it leaves the poor farmers out as they cannot afford the equipments required and, it also involves heavy investment especially when breeding certain crops for the sake of improving their nutritive values. In the process, various elements are introduced into them. It also builds the view in people that, only modern produced foods are good for consumption hence, the foods produced using conventional methods are, viewed to be of lesser value. Traditional farmers are therefore left out with their own produce making them to suffer economically (Schlosser, 112). It also observed that, foods produced using modern productions are also costly. However, the big question is why most people rush for them? Similarly, there is great fear in the world that genetically modified foods have immense negative health Impacts on peoples' health.

Consequently, modern food production is now focusing on safety of foods consumed by customers by introducing new techniques and, state...
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